Renault may have ceded the rights to the car platform on which the Logan is built to Mahindra (the Logan name is not given to Mahindra and therefore Mahindra calls the erstwhile Logan, Verito) but it still has kept the rights to the platform for launching other products on it.  The Duster SUV from Renault is built on the very capable Logan platform and is scheduled for a mid 2012 launch.  This much is known since Renault India has itself put this on its website and has left very little to the imagination.  The reputed Autocar has now broken news that the Duster will be shown in the Auto Expo in January, 2012 but the car will be launched as per the original schedule.  Autocar also says that the Duster will come in 5 different variants with petrol and diesel engines.  The diesel engine will come in two different states of tuning and will put out different horsepower figures.  The interiors of the Duster will be carefully updated to suite the tastes of the Indian customer.  Renault has learnt this much from its failed JV with Mahindra and the Logan debacle.