Renault, the French car maker who is due to come into India on its own steam soon has put out teaser’s of its car models for India.  On it India website, Renault has put the picture of the Fluence which will be launched on the 23rd of May with sales commencing in June.  But what is interesting is that Renault has outlines of vehicles that it will launch till September 2012.  And that has sent auto journos into a tizzy.  While the September launch of this year will be the Koleos, everything is open for speculation post that.  The sketch that shows the car to be launched in January, 2012 is a hatchback.  Some websites believe that this will be the Clio which shares a platform with Nissan Micra, others believe that this will be the Sandero hatchback based on the Logan platform.  The July, 2012 launch picture show outlines of an SUV and all the websites are united in their belief that this will be the Duster, again based on the Logan platform.  The final outline is a car and no one seems sure of what this will be.  Renault has set the minds racing and tongues wagging.  Amazing.