Hero’s current launches represent the precise results of what happens when motorcycle companies like Hero and Erik Buell Racing, which are essentially on polar ends come together to make products. On display is the gob-smackingly good looking Hastur, with a promising parallel twin 620cc engine making 80PS@ 960 rpm acting as a stressed memeber held in place by a beautiful trellis frame, and there is also a conceptualized-in-the-boardroom Splendor Pro Classic, powered by a 100cc engine wearing all the traits determined to be desirable to the 20-30s something urban consumer in India.

Hero Motocorp Splendor Pro Classic unveiled at Auto Expo 2014

Hero MotoCorp has been brazenly shoving its technological prowess into the face of those who questioned the viability of the company after its split from erstwhile partner – Honda Motorcycles. On display was the Hero iON – an all electric, hydrogen fuel cell powered concept. The batteries use an advanced Li – Air technology that has extremely high energy density. Airy, open wheels contain the rotor component of hubless electric traction motors that uses magnetic levitation technology that works on zero friction. When needed, they double up as brakes says Hero.

Here’s more from the press release, we’ll come back with a simpler, less glorified translation as soon as we can get to it.

ion’s light finger-touch controls the handle grip. The steering is through a rotating front and rear wheel and suspension systems around the pivots that are mounted on the power module. Multi-axis gyros and accelerometers maintain the stability at all times. All-directional sensors for VSA (Vehicle Situational Awareness) keep track of the surrounding traffic flow and make corrections to the PBS systems as needed.

Its highly advanced suspension system, called the m-link, utilizes magnetorheological damping which adapts to the road condition real time using several on-board sensors. These sensors continuously vary the power of electromagnet that controls the damping characteristics of the suspension system.

Core basic vehicle information is available in the compact instrument cluster, but full information and communication is transmitted to the rider’s helmet. VSA system overrides any lower priority communications when traffic density becomes significant. The Hero ion welcomes you to the whole new green motorcycling experience.

The all-new 100-cc Passion Pro TR and the Hero SimplEcity round off Hero’s list for the Auto Expo 2014.