Give me a moment. This is going to take a while. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this. That’s a Ferrari F430, which isn’t a 430 Scuderia even though it wears the racing stripes. Who do they think they’re kidding with those fake racing stripes? Wait a minute, I digress. This isn’t about the Prancing Horse. This is a typical evening in India. One of those new massive apartment complexes with a couple of kids on their puny bicycles fooling around until their moms scream at them from the balcony to get their homework done.

Then there’s the Ferrari F430. Oh, nice. Blurry cam video man doing his best to capture the Ferrari on video. Destroying all my hopes of a heart warming video where a 45 year old man in his F430 decides to let the kids get pictures taken with the Ferrari, there comes the next frame of the video where there’s this 10 year old (or so ) kid in a Ben 10 Tee driving the Ferrari.

Ben 10.

The guy taking the video, we assume is either the kids pop, or as inferred from the comments on the video, an employee of the kids father. Regardless, it is appaling to see an adult allow two kids who can barely reach the pedals driving around in a Ferrari F430 without seatbelts on, and on a road, which even though private is full of kids doing what kids are supposed to be doing at their age!

There are of course, the inevitable comments where the highly intelligent commenting populace has been lauding the kid for his driving skills and trolling anybody who has expressed disgust at the act of allowing a ten year old drive free in a Ferrari.

Ok, guys here’s the spoiler. Driving is easy. Kids are capable of driving as soon as they can reach the pedals. Are you sure though, you want to teach your kid that he is for no reason, entitled to the pleasure of driving when the society actually demands you be 18 or older before you can get behind the wheel? When does the false sense of entitlement end? What happens when the kid goes on a joyride, gets into a fender bender, on these roads where adults have trouble defending themselves from the road rage of our dear countrymen?

Hat tip to Winzee.

There’s this other video of an 11 year old driving an R8, in a field, a much safer choice, if you ask me.