Without an iota of doubt the Porsche 911 is the most iconic car since the invention of the automobile.  Originally designed in 1963 and reaching the showrooms in 1964, the 911 has seen many generations with new technological innovations but retaining the unmistakable 911 shape.  The car has an aura and mystique that no other automobile can claim to have.  And Porsche have become masters at keeping the original lines intact while imbuing the 911 with new technologies.  The current generation 911 is the 991 internally in Porsche and this made its debut recently.  Now the new generation 911 has moved towards the inexorable next step which is the convertible or cabriolet (that sounds so much more sophisticated).  The new 911 cabriolet has drop top that is an innovative composite of fabric and plastic.  The launch is now in the international markets.  The car will come to India when Porsche starts making the right hand drive models.