Alfa Romeo 4C Geneva Reveal 01

Alfa Romeo has unveiled its compact sports car the 4C just ahead of its official debut at the 83rd Geneva Motor Show. The 4C is 4 metres long, 2 metres wide and 1.18 metres high. The wheelbase is close to 2.4 metres, around 250 cms less than the 8C Competizione. The 4C is a mid engined, rear wheel drive two seater Coupe with a four cylinder turbocharged engined bang in the middle.

The design sticks mostly true to the 4C Concept that was unveiled two years ago at the Geneva Motor Show. The 4C will be Alfa Romeo’s ticket to the USA, after a really long break. The 4C will be powered by a new 1750 Turbo Petrol all-aluminium engine with direct injection transmitting power to the wheels through an Alfa TCT twin dry clutch transmission and the ‘Alfa DNA selector’.

The Alfa DNA selector which debuts in the Alfa Romeo 4C allows the driver to select from the currently available three standard modes – Dynamic, Natural and All Weather – and for the first time in an Alfa, a fourth mode: Race Mode.

Alfa Romeo 4C Geneva Reveal 03

Alfa claims a weight-to-power ratio of 4 kg/HP which is around 250 horses per tonnne. Alfa Romeo says the engine is an evolution of the engine already in use in the Quadrifoglio Verde version of the Giulietta. The all aluminium engine has new intake and exhaust systems optimised for the 4C. The engine also boasts of direct fuel injection, dual continuous variable valve timing, a turbocharger and a revolutionary scavenging control system that gets rid of any turbo lag.

Alfa Romeo 4C Geneva Reveal 02