Ferrari F150 Teaser Geneva Debut

Ferrari’s official instagram account posted a teaser of the Enzo successor with a strong message stating that ‘The Most Powerful HyperFerrari’ is on its way to Geneva. The F150 is expected to make close to 800 horsepower, with an additional 100 bhp from the HY-KERS system.

UPDATE: While the teaser image is from the official Ferrari magazine, the news is not. Ferrari has denied having any ‘official’ instagram page. The Geneva debut is something we can still expect though.

2013 seems to be a good year for Hypercars what with the McLaren P1 also expected to make a debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

The F150 Enzo successor is also reported to have driver seats tailor made for each customer and the carbon fibre composite chassis will be laid by hand at Ferrari’s F1 composites department. The F150 will have the fuel tank and battery just behind the driver’s cockpit like in a F1 car.