McLaren P1 Interior 01

McLaren says the P1’s ‘cockpit’ is inspired by fighter jets, right upto the clear glass canopy overhead. While the P1 retains features like satellite navigation, climate control and a sound system, the switchgear is kept to a minimum. While we have known for sometime that the P1 has a carbon fibre MonoCage and body panels, McLaren says carbon fibre has also been used for the dashboard, floor, headlining, doors, rockers and a single piece for the central control unit. McLaren has gone the extra mile and shaved off the top layer of the resin that covers the carbon fibre, saving nearly 1.5 kgs!

McLaren P1 Interior : Digital Display

McLaren P1 Interior 03
McLaren’s quest for a lightweight P1 continues with other components in the interior.

The bucket seats use minimal foam. The carbon fibre shells of the seats are ultra-thin and mounted on lightweight brackets and runners, contributing to an overall weight of just 10.5 kg each. The bucket seats are non adjustable, but the seat backs can be changed from the 28 degrees angle to 32 degrees to accommodate driver’s helmets during track days. The height of the seat will be set based on the driver and passenger, and can be also adjusted in the workshop.

The 800 bhp engine will be supplemented by an additional 200 bhp from the KERS system. The McLaren P1 will debut at the 83rd Geneva Motor Show. Check back for updates as we receive more information.