For sometime now there has been talk about all new Pulsars hitting the market in December.  Most of that talk has come from Rajiv Bajaj himself.  Thus far Bajaj has kept the test mules carefully out of sight of people looking for scoop pictures.  But they seem to have been caught firmly on camera by an unknown gent.  In fact, this gent has been so kind as to create new blogspot called and posted some pictures of the test mules.  Now what is most obvious is that design cues of the motorcycle are all well hidden under foam leather/rexine shrouds on all the vital body panels.  The exposed engine seems to have something written in KTM orange.  The rest of the bike is not clearly visible especially the frame, of which only the rear is clearly seen.  The bike features a monoshock arrangement at the back and disc brakes on the front (the discs are quite large indicating good horse power perhaps?) and drums at the rear.  Thanks to this kind gent who has so unselfishly put all these pictures up.