The video was originally published by and Virtual Car. car body design did us, and probably all of mankind, a huge favour by subtitling the video in English. Head to car body design for an English transcript of the video.

An exclusive video, from car body design, where Lamborghini Centro Stile Director Filippo Perini talks about the exterior design of the Aventador supercar.

An excerpt from the transcript,

The car is extremely simple and linear. Only Lamborghini is building a supercar with this design.

It’s like watching the dreams of a kid who loves cars – me in this case – come true. Can you remember those cars featured in the sci-fi TV series? As a kid, I remember that they had always this single-line design.

And yet today Lamborghini is the only carmaker that can afford to build cars in this way.

Inspiration comes from the aviation world, the lines are very, very similar to those found in the stealth jets, where there is an “illogical” combination of aerodynamic and stealth solutions that generates extremely fascinating forms, that at the Centro Stile we use as a source of inspiration when we need to sketch something really innovative and advanced.

It’s really important for me to say that we are a very small Centro Stile, with just four designers, but you’ll see many other projects from us in the future.

A small team of people who get on very well and share a single common denominator: passion.