Jaguar has released a video where Ian Callum, Design Director, Jaguar Cars Ltd., takes us through the reasoning behind the changes made to the 2012 XF and XK. If you’d asked us a couple of months back, if there was any way to make those Jaguars prettier, we would have said no before you could complete the question. We had no idea Ian Callum and his team blow our opinions into the wind, so soon. pointed out in its article that the much loved C-XF concept from 2007 was designed after the production Jaguar XF was signed off by the management then, Ford. The 2012 Jaguar XF is an attempt to make amends to the enthusiasts who were screaming for the XF to be influenced by the C-XF concept.



Ian Callum on the new Jaguars,

It’s something that we are all very very excited about, that we can actually look at the three cars together and say ‘This is what Jaguar is about, this is it. This is the level we’ve reached’

I have to say, we feel the same, when we see the three cars standing proud in the background. This correspondent is humble enough to know not to shoot off statements like ‘The designs are very Jaguar’, but has no qualms about persuading you to agree that the designs are heart achingly beautiful.