As was predicted Hyundai has launched the New Verna which it showed as a concept called the Solaris in Russia. The car is slightly different from the pictures that were showed by Hyundai at the World Premier of the New Verna. We suggest you do a Google Image search to see the difference between the two cars. The prices of the Verna start from Rs. 6.99 lakhs and go up to Rs. 10.74 lakhs. There are four engine options, two in petrol and two in diesel. The 1.4 litre petrol pumps out an impressive 107 PS while the 1.6 litre engine pumps out 123 PS. The diesel 1.4 litre puts out 90 PS and the 1.6 litre delivers 128 PS. Both the diesel engine are CRDi coupled with Variable Geometry Turbo chargers (VGT CRDi in Hyundai speak) and the petrol engines incorporate Variable Valve Timining (VTVT in Hyundai speak). Hyundai has taken the war to its opponents. Now to see how the car does in the market because all models have good specs and trim levels.