The new duty structure for CKD assembled cars has come into force pushing up costs for the manufacturers from the existing 10% to 32%.  This means that manufacturers are likely to incur higher costs and therefore an increase in prices is expected.  But BMW says that it will not be increasing its prices since it is also assembling engines in India and therefore can still qualify for the old duty structure.  It is unclear what happens to Mercedes, since their engines are assembled for them by Force Motors.  An announcement from Mercedes should be imminent.  Audi will have to come under the new rules.  At the unveiling of the BMW Efficient Dynamics Diesel Hybrid Concept car at Deutsche Motoren in New Delhi the Heavy Industries Minister Praful Patel has said that he along with SIAM has made a representation to the Finance Minister to give two more years before implementing the new duty structure, so that luxury car makers can comply with the rules that bring down the duty structure.