If you’re the kind of person who has been doodling cars and bikes on tissues and covers of mathematics textbooks, you will love this video which explains the basics of pencil sketching. There are many ways to approach design of cars, and this video is about Mikael’s approach. This should be a stepping stone, and you probably will find your style if you keep at it.

The video is an hour long, if you want to, you can download it on Vimeo, after registering there.

Mikael Lugnegård [lung-nee-gard] is a 31 year old designer from Sweden, more specifically the city of Umeå. Umeå is home to UID ( Umea Insitute of Design), a prestigious design school offering courses in Transportation Design, Industrial Design and more. Mikael obtained his Bacherlor’s degree in Industrial Design from UID and is currently working his magic with papers, pencil, and of course computers. He prefers to think of himself as a concept artist rather than just an industrial designer.

He has his own design studio, Lugnegård Design, established in 2005.

Some of his concepts,

Audi Gentleman’s Racer, Seraphim Concept

Lugnegård Design
The Pencil Sketching Techniques video on Vimeo

Mikael’s descsription of the video.

Description…..well, it´s a video tutorial about design sketching. It shows my process in making a decent car sketch using very simple tools.

The video was shoot last spring at UID, Umeå, Sweden.
We decided to shoot of my sketchclasses as an experiment, just to see if this was a good way to produce a material that both would educate and inspire student to keep working hard.

The intention was from the beginning to make a free video, and depending on the reception of this first one, we have a quite a few sketches waiting for the camera.

I hope that you will enjoy this tutorial and that it will help you to become a better designer and artist.

All feedback is most welcome!

Best regards,
Mikael Lugnegård