Tata Motors has been a pioneer in finding low cost but efficient solutions to transportation in India.  The Nano is the most known of these, but there are others which are perhaps more significant.  The Tata Ace was a proper four wheeled small weight category pick up truck that changed the way the last mile transport was looked at.  People took to this product like fish to water because it represented a paradigm shift from the ungainly and inefficient three wheelers which were used.  The Tata Magic was the passenger version that killed the three wheeled seven seater autorickshaws from Force Motors and Mahindra forcing them to follow Tata’s lead.  Now Tata Motors is one step ahead of the competition again by launching a smaller version of the Magic called the Magic Iris.  The Magic Iris is again a proper four wheeled passenger vehicle with a metal body including the top and doors.  It can seat three to four people in comfort and comes with seat belts for all passengers.  We hope that this diesel four wheeler which develops 11 bhp of power will kill the horrible autorickshaw.  The three wheeled autorickshaw is narrow in the front and has a handle bar that turns the front wheel.  The narrow front and the handle bar have been ensuring that the autorickshaw driver turn as they please.  A proper four wheeler with a steering such as the Magic Iris will ensure that the quotient of bad driving will come down significantly.  The load carrier version the of the Magic Iris is the Ace Zip (for half tonne payload) and will be able to take goods to areas that cannot be accessed even by the regular Ace.  These vehicles have been priced below the Rs.2 lakh mark ex-showroom (without octroi) in Maharashtra.