The imbroglio over the Bahrain F1 GP continues.  Arm twister and F1 Supremo Bernie Ecclestone seems to have prevailed over the FIA to extend the deadline given to Bahrain to take a decision on hosting this year’s Grand Prix from May 1st to June 3rd.  The last time out the organizers said something like we want to be back soon without qualifying what soon meant.  This situation could be a bit of nuisance for front running teams and drivers who will not know if their strategies should involve 20 races or only 19.  Not a big thing but still a bore.  But in terms of TV revenues it is great for all in Formula1.  Maybe the Bahrain organizers should enlist the services of good old Bernie to negotiate with the protesters.  He will probably make them go back satisfied when in effect they would not gained anything or even lost something.