Mark Webber has a contract with Red Bull Racing till the end of this year.  Given his strained relationship with the team no one including Webber can be sure of what is in store for him next year.  Webber has however clarified a few things.  He is open to driving for another team next year but will not proactively pursue the matter.  First RBR will have to decide if they want him or not.  There are suggestions that he could find a drive at Ferrari if Massa does not perform well.  But it is well known that Ferrari likes to designate its drivers with numbers 1&2 and Massa is clearly the latter.  So ‘good performance’ in Ferrari speak would be that Massa should let Alonso win and himself collect as many points as possible to facilitate the team winning the constructions championship.  If Massa fails in this limited objective he could be out.  But that does not mean Webber would want to be there.  The feisty Australian is all guts and glory and wants to be World Champion and not a helper to someone who wants to be World Champion.  Webber has stated that this year his intention is again to fight for the championship.  But Sebastian Vettel fan Helmut Marko probably will not want that.  So for Webber the decision could be to race again next year with some uncompetitive team or just give up racing and retire gracefully.