The great thing about auto journos is the liking for speculation. however seems to have garnered some reliable news about the launch of a sub Punto car in India next year.  Motorbeam has said that they have contacted people within Fiat India and also have quoted its CEO Rajiv Kapoor as saying that a small car is important in India.  Kapoor has said that small cars which are volume driven do not make too much money but they are important in India because they increase the awareness of a brand and also contribute to the sales of other products of the brand.  Sound thinking.  So which is this new sub Punto car?  Anything based on existing cars elsewhere in the world like the new Uno or the new Palio or a specific model for India?  We just can’t wait.  Fiat deserves better than what it gets in the Indian market and it is unfortunate that it is languishing in sales.