Although acquiring something new is always exciting, being one of those chaps who rarely has the pleasure of this luxury, I was quite pleasantly taken aback when this luxury was thrust upon me by my dear wife, who, getting quite tired of all the questions that were being asked with regard the horrible condition of my good old trusted, albeit a bit rusted, Hero Honda CD100 of 15 odd years, offered to buy me a new bike. So I immediately sat to jolt down all the features that I needed in my new bike. I told myself that since I was too old to kick start a bike, I needed something that would start at the push of a button. Seeing that I notice obstructions on the road quite late due to fading sight, I needed Disk Brakes and just because everyone was talking of Fuel Injection, I told myself that, well, I needed that too and being reminded of the fact that my wife was paying for it all, made the decision to get the latest and the best that much easier. And yes, I needed this bike to commute from home to office and back, sticking to my average speed of 50 kms/hr.

So I got myself the Yamaha YZF R15 !!!