Do you find it funny that a commentator of F1 has found a position in the news column? Well don’t because Mathew Marsh is a very familiar name to those who watched F1 racing on TV during the nineties on Star Sports. He was a regular along with Jonathan Green for the pre-race and post race analyses and was never known to mince his words. He once famously said that driver Andrea DeCaeseris had no business being in F1 since he started more than 175 races without ever seeming to be a podium prospect. When Ron Dennis had signed Nigel Mansell to race for McLaren, Marsh said that not only was the McLaren a non-performer but also it carried a portly Mansell who would slow it down further. He has always batted for new talent and today he was on Star Sports again in the place of Alex Yoong. He was at his critical best when he said Nick Heidfeld who hadn’t won a race this Millennium should not have been the replacement for Robert Kubica. He felt Nico Hulkenberg from Force India should have been given a chance since Heidfeld was old and did not have any race winning experience. At the end of the race when he was asked if his opinion of Heidfeld had changed since Heidfeld has finished on the podium he went to say that Heidfeld finished third in a car which would have been a winner in Kubica’s hand and that Heidfeld and Rubens Barrichello had no business being in F1 and that they should make way for younger drivers instead of sucking the money out of Formula One. His words those. Why doesn’t Star Sports put him on for every race?