It is well known that it is not just policy makers who are myopic but also political activists of different hues. Usually myopia looks for the nearest and softest targets. Look at the hype given to green cars that run on electricity generated by black smoke belching thermal power plants. In the recent budget the government has announced sops to electric vehicle manufacturers so that they can pass the benefit to the customers. Among car manufacturers there is only Mahindra Reva. So did the Mahindras influence the government to announce the sops so that they can be market leaders in that segment? Could be or could be not. However what is more important is that if the country is going to get more and more two, three and four wheelers falling into the plug in and charge category of vehicles we could be turning the atmosphere blacker and at the same time place greater strain on the already strained national electricity grid. That could lead to increased load shedding. And since the rural areas always bear the brunt of power shortages is it ethical to increase consumption so that our rural brethren should forego electricity at home while we drive around on/in an electric vehicle in the cities and make a vacuous political statement?