Mercedes’ celebrated entry into F1 all on its own is turning out to be nightmare without an end in sight. The team has had an interesting history. It started off as Tyrell GP under Ken Tyrell and had a few good races here and there but was never a consistent front runner. Tyrell then sold it out to British American Racing under the ownership of British American Tobacco and was supposed to be built around Jacques Villeneuve by his ambitious manager Craig Pollock. The team started with Meccachrome engines (also called Supertec engines) before it struck a deal with Honda when it decided to return to F1. It was later bought out by Honda but never performed to any degree of satisfaction and Honda ultimately pulled out of F1 at the end of 2008 citing economic reasons. It was then taken over by Ross Brawn who had earlier been called to build Honda’s reputation and the team was renamed Brawn GP. In order to keep the size of the grid at 20 cars, Mercedes with the permission of McLaren gave their engines to Brawn GP which went on to win the World Championship in the year 2009 at the end of which Mercedes bought out 75% of Brawn and this year it has taken it over fully. But the team has fared rather poorly in 2010 with the high profile return of Michael Schumacher to racing becoming a damp squib and with Nico Rosberg just about keeping the team’s head high with the occasional good performance. Today, at Sepang Michael Schumacher finished the race ahead of Rosberg in 9th while Rosberg finished 11th and out of the points.