Pole sitter Sebastian Vettel drove flawlessly to take the second victory of 2011 in as many races at the Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang. Rain was widely expected to strike sometime during the race and spice up the show, but ultimately it failed to turn up. However, the Pirelli tyres ensured that there was no dearth of excitement with varying tear wear which threw out any predictions of pit stops. Most drivers had to do at least three stops while some did four. While his team mate flew into the lead at the start of the race, Mark Webber moved backwards on the grid from third to ninth thanks to a dysfunctional system of KERS. Webber did not get the required power boost to challenge for the lead but drove a good strategic race to ultimately finish fourth. He could have even finished on the podium but for the lack of power boost. It would be interesting to hear what Helmut Marko says about this. Will he blame Webber for the failure of the KERS system? Don’t be surprised if he does.