Jenson Button finished second at the Malaysian GP with a characteristic drive that saw him nurse his tyres over 19 laps towards the end of the race when team mate Lewis Hamilton was destroying them with gay abandon irrespective of the compound. Lewis Hamilton who seemed like he would finish at least second went backwards to finish in seventh position. His old friend Fernando Alonso realizing Hamilton’s intent gently nudged him from behind and destroyed his own front wing in the process and slipped impressively backward. He ultimately finished in sixth position BEHIND Filipe Massa who was in fifth. No one heard him ask Stefano Dominicali to ask Massa to make way for him. And thank God for that. There is still some shame left in the sport and in Ferrari. Jenson Button has turned out to be a man of character. He won his first F1 race in his 113th GP, with Honda in the wet at the Hungaroring and when Honda pulled out of the sport, he showed tremendous character in waiting for Ross Brawn to put a team together and was rewarded with a World Championship in 2009. His move to McLaren has seen him do well last season and so far this season. Wonder what his fate would have been had he started off in a winning team like Lewis Hamilton did. Way to go Jenson.