Tony Fernandes seems to be one embittered individual. One Dany Bahar, the man incharge of Lotus Cars in England has been making his life quite difficult. Tony had it all nicely worked out. He wanted to bring the Lotus name back into F1 and make some money in the process. Then this Bahar character turns up and prematurely withdraws the rights to the Lotus name given by the Lotus Group to Fernandes. Fearing the loss of TV revenues if the name is not continued, Fernandes went to David Hunt to buy the rights to the name Team Lotus. Bahar has turned out to be one tough Turk to crack and has instigated legal action against the Fernandes’ outfit which is actually 1Malaysia GP Holdings. Since Group Lotus is also owned by the Malaysians there were some efforts at peace which did not happen and the law suit is very much still there. The pressure seems to be getting to Fernandes since at Sepang he has claimed that though three teams are claiming that Malaysia is their home grand prix, it is only his team that is entitled to do so since only his team has Malaysian blood running deep in its veins. So Tony why don’t you call yourself 1Malaysia F1 team and leave Colin Chapman in peace? It is reported that he is getting tired of turning over and over in his grave. And if you are wondering which is the third team that is claiming the Malaysian Grand Prix at its home Grand Prix, Tony says it is Mercedes GP. Who is losing it, Tony Fernandes or Mercedes Benz? It could well be a case of Petronas oil turning black.