Hero Motocorp 2014 Launches : Hero HX250R and the Dash

As has become the norm with Hero MotoCorp these days, taking the stage today were no less than five models from the Hero stable. Pleasantly surprising though were the star attractions, the 139kg Hero HX250R powered by a 31PS liquid cooled engine and the utilitarian RNT concept powered by a 150cc turbocharged diesel mill. There were of course much less flamboyant models, the Hero Dash, a 110cc scooter and the all 150-cc ‘Xtreme’ – Sports Edition. Taking the stage again, two years after its inception was the pre-production hybrid scooter – the Leap.

Hero HX250R

Hero HX250R The engine is a liquid cooled single cylinder unit supposedly making 31 PS. The transmission will be a six speed unit. While the details on the chassis aren’t entirely clear, Hero says it is a ‘geodesic tubular’ chassis with the engine as a stressed member. Geodesic doesn’t lend itself much weight here considering it literally means the shortest possible line between two points. Rest assured though, Hero is not taking us back to the stone age with single or double downtube frames. The engine is a stressed member and we can only hope the chassis is similar to that of a twin spar/perimeter frame, using tubular members.

The HX250R uses linked braking ( akin to Honda’s Combined Braking System) with 300mm rotors up front and 220mm at rear. ABS will be an option. The HX250R will also have LED tail lamps and LED daytime running lamps. While the press release boasts about the slim profile of the motorcycle, we are not sure we’re big fans of the anorexic look especially from up front. The minimal graphics and subtle styling though, gets a big thumbs up from us.

Have you been looking hard for the exhaust? Well, under the seat is where it is at!

Hero RNT Concept

Hero Motocorp 2014 Launches : Hero RNT Concept The idea is utilitarian we suppose, but the implementation, very modern and tech savvy. The LED headlamps up front are removable and can also be adjusted to direct the beam wherever you please. The LED unit is optional though. The most important feature though is the heart of this beast. A 150cc turbocharged diesel engine that makes close to 13.5 PS but a phenomenal 35Nm of torque.

The wide flat loading surfaces with strap bars, as well as multi-use folding side racks, a large comfortable seat and spacious footboards clearly hint at a modern day interpretation of a multi purpose utilitarian motorcycle.Hero says you can also add an ‘oversize’ generator which supplements the power generated by the diesel engine. Another option available is a hub electric motor in the front wheel powered by a battery which converts the RNT into a competent two wheel drive motorcycle! Hero says there is of course the possibility to shut off the rear diesel powered drive and switch to fully electric power front-wheel-drive only.

Hero Leap

The Leap is driven by an 8kW Permanent magnet AC (PMAC) electric traction motor that throws out maximum torque of 60Nm. The 124cc engine that takes up space is restricted to the function of acting as the range extender, sipping petrol from a 3L tank to provide electricity to the motor. Of course, there are lithium ion batteries that acts as the primary energy storage systems. The batteries can also be recharged from a wall unit. The Leap, if it comes to your local Hero showrooms, will be the first Indian two wheeler to adopt a full LED lighting system. Oh and the massive 60Nm of torque? Hero is sure to point out that this torque will be available from standstill, from 0 kph to the top speed of 100kph! Interesting times ahead countrymen! The motor drives the wheel through a toothed belt, without any transmission intermediate, and uses powerful Brembo calipers on a 240 mm disc.