EBR 1190RS, Mr. Erik Buell and Mr. Pawan Munjal at the HeroMoto Corp EBR press conference

Erik Buell, you poor (pun intended) bloke! After having bought a substantial stake in EBR in 2011, and sponsoring the EBR AMA racing team, Hero takes the much dreaded step of using EBR’s network to distribute Hero Motorcycles.

Don’t get me wrong. I do believe Hero products are reliable, trustworthy and can last longer than you and your grandchildren. Ask my editor who owned a CD100 that still lives albeit with a different owner.

But to try and sell 100cc, 150cc and 223cc motorcycles in probably one of the most materialistic nations on earth where lawnmowers are powered by 250cc mills? That isn’t even my argument by the way, that comes courtesy of a conversation with a fellow enthusiast in a Yahoo! chatroom years ago.

Although, Hero might see success with the Pleasure. A cheap to run, highly reliable, actually comfortable scooter might work well with University students.

Oh, on the brighter side, Hero might understand how ridiculous it is to call a motorcycle ‘Hunk’.

Hero at the AIMExpo 2013

Images Courtesy of Motorcycle USA