BMW MINI Connect Us 03

“This is not just the world’s speediest dating service, it is also the most reliable.” says MINI. We agree. How better to determine if you will get along with your better half than by understanding how she/he handles the car!

‘Connect Us’ uses the MINI Driving Excitement Analyser to determine how you drive and tries to find a compatible match for you. You only need to select whether you are looking for a man/woman and within what geographical radius.

Everything else is taken care of by MINI Connected including a table booking at a restaurant that is guaranteed to be liked by both drivers The meeting point is then located by the navigation system.

While highlighting all that you can do with a MINI, the British (German?) marque also helpfully points out that while the MINI Driving Excitement Analyser is available on the AppStore for a while, the ‘Connect Us’ is available ONLY on the 1st of April.

You heard us right? Only on the first of April. Go on, grab that app and go find your soulmate!

Do checkout MINI’s elaborate prank below.

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