Honda Amaze 01

It would seem that the bookings for the Honda Amaze have begun. The 1.5 L diesel mill in the Amaze is specced to deliver 100PS and 200 Nm of torque, while claiming an ARAI fuel efficiency of 25.8 kpl.

Prices are yet to be announced but with the Amaze being eligible for the excise duty benefits, we think it should be priced competitively. Unless Honda decides to get on its high horse again and prices the Amaze at the usual Honda premium and justifies it based on the truly Amazing numbers claimed for Honda’s first diesel mill in India.

Honda has managed to get these astounding numbers for its diesel mill by extensively reducing mechanical friction in each section. Honda says the friction level is equivalent to that in gasoline engine models. Optimized thermal management system achieved by improvements in the cooling system reduce CO2 output by over 15%. The turbocharger is a compact highly efficient unit.

Overdrive also claims that the heat absorbent windshield used in the Amaze, keep out ‘a significant amount’ of IR radiation and reduces the need for sunfilm.

IndianAutosBlog has a concise article on how the Amaze manages to achieve the kind of fuel economy the numbers claim.

Honda Amaze India 01