Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 W04 Unveiled at Jerez : Lewis Hamilton 05

The closest we’ve seen Lewis do anything related to music is belting out snippets of random tunes while doing the hot lap at the Top Gear test track, twice. If this report from Eurosport has substance to it, then Lewis Hamilton might after all turn out to be a bigger than Pussycat Dolls singing sensation!

“He sounds better than certain singers. He’s a proper singer. It’s a breath of fresh air. He’s got a smooth vocal,. I hope (he does release them) because it’s actually crazy. Right now he’s just recording. He’s a perfectionist. He doesn’t want to rush. If it doesn’t sound right, he’ll record it again.” said Angel, singer/songwriter/producer who has worked with Nicole Scherzinger previously.

“It’s a real diversity. He’s got rap — “dirty south” kind of tunes, some massive pop records and soul records. We’re doing all types of genres. We’ve written about 12 songs so far.” Angel added.

It seems Hamilton was recommended Angel and they have been recording for a while now. We wouldn’t be surprised if this Hamilton’s way of chilling out and if he does have any intention of dabbling in the music industry, it isn’t going to be anytime soon.

There’s one thing set in stone though. The Lewis Hamilton hate brigade is going to go up in arms about Lewis dissing the sport that is Formula 1 by recording ‘pop’ songs and the Lewis Hamilton love brigade is going to line up outside music stores waiting for an album that isn’t even complete. The man can definitely stir up extreme emotions in people.

Source: Eurosport