Subaru unveiled the WRX Concept to a stunned audience at the New York Motor Show and it is reported that those in attendance are yet to recover from the aggressive, intimidating lines of the WRX! Details on the mechanical parts of the athletic WRX were sparse as this was a design study. The internet has been abuzz with ‘I want’ posts. The Subaru WRX Concept has definitely captured the attention of the enthusiast.

Subaru WRX Concept 28

The front of the Subaru WRX Concept is dominated by the hexagonal grille and the three dimensional honeycomb mesh in it. The hawk eye headlights are inspired by the new Subaru family design language. The iconic Subaru hood scoop retains its place. Large air intakes in the front bumper, air ducts for the exiting air in the front fender all hint at a turbocharged engine, as is Subaru tradition.

Subaru says this is WRX is sleeker and lower than anything before and we agree.

Subaru WRX Concept 04

The side profile is impressive again thanks to the sharp shoulder line that cuts starts from the front wheelarch and runs to the rear. The muscular wheelarches emphasize Subaru’s phenomenal All Wheel Drive capability ( their words, not ours!).
Subaru WRX Concept 12Subaru WRX Concept 13

At the rear the curved trunk draws your attention as you notice that it also acts as the rear spoiler. The quad tailpipes fill your vision. There aggressive rear diffuser and a low weight carbon fibre roof complete the handling package.

The shimmering blue here is what Subaru calls WR Blue Pearl III and what looks to be fluorescent green is yellow.

Subaru WRX Concept 11

Subaru WRX Concept 24

Subaru WRX Concept 25

Subaru WRX Concept 26

Subaru WRX Concept 10

Subaru WRX Concept 14

Subaru WRX Concept 15

Subaru WRX Concept 16

Subaru WRX Concept 17

Subaru WRX Concept 21

Subaru WRX Concept 02

Subaru WRX Concept 03