Honda Jazz at the 11th Auto Expo 2012

If you’ve booked your Jazz already, not to worry, Honda will deliver your car. Dealers have stopped taking new bookings though. REmember the price slash of over a lakh in August 2011? That worked wonders for the brand and customers thronged the showrooms for what they believed was a fantastic hatch at a more reasonable price.

Autocar India says it is rumoured that Honda might be losing money over the Jazz at the lower prices and has been throttling production even though the demand is much higher. The Jazz is slated for a launch again in its nxt generation avatar powered by a 1.2L Petrol and the new 1.5 L i-DTEC diesel.

The other valid reason for ceasing production would be to free the production capacity for the upcoming AMAZE sedan. The Amaze is based on the Brio platform and will be Honda’s first diesel for India. The Amaze will redefine the brand image Honda has managed to establish over the years. While the petrol City and Civic have sold fantastically the last few years mostly thanks to the brand value, the Amaze will bring in customers who look for the value-for-money offered by the Amaze.

Source Autocar India