Rolls Royce Wraith Fastback 01

Bravo Rolls-Royce, bravo! When Rolls Royce put out the first of its teasers, the automotive journo fraternity uttered in hushed tones that the Wraith was a bit like a fastback, reminiscent of the iconic Bullit Mustang, in profile at least. It didn’t take us long to resort to a more dignified word like ‘Coupe’ to refer to the dropping line of the Wraith’s silhouette instead of the more brash word – fastback. Rolls Royce, in a very brave press release, has officially announced that the Wraith will be a fastback and has issued the final teaser image highlighting the strong lines of the Wraith. Rolls Royce says these are the three lines that underscore the car’s striking profile.

Giles Taylor, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Design Director explains:

” The purposeful fastback profile is Wraith’s defining element. Inherent in the graceful line that sweeps from the top of the screen to the very rear edge is the promise of fast, yet effortless touring. Yet, perhaps my favourite aspect is the expressive gesture that comes from the side window graphic, gliding through Wraith’s glamorous coach door.

It works with a strong sense of linear purpose from the shoulder line, which has the promise of potential like the athlete in the starting blocks. In contrast, the line that cuts through the shoulder line is a little more artful and adds that certain air of effortlessness to Wraith’s dynamic statement.

In my view the most successful designs always come down to three or four lines. ”

The teasers from #1 to #3 for your viewing pleasure. Rolls Royce did of course give us the bonus image of the clock in the third set of teaser images. Now we twiddle our thumbs waiting for March 5th, the first day of the 83rd Geneva Motor Show where the Wraith will make its official debut.

Teaser #1

Rolls Royce Wraith Teaser 01

Teaser #2

Rolls Royce Wraith Second Teaser 01

Teaser #3

Rolls Royce Wraith Interiors 01

Rolls Royce Wraith Interiors Orange tip needle in the Clock