Mercedes-Benz has found an impromptu brand ambassador for the new CLA in Lewis Hamilton. Kind of fitting if you think about it, the intended market for the CLA being successful youngsters. Hamilton said the CLA was ‘elegant inside, I quite like it’, ‘the brakes are quite sharp’ and ends his mini review of the CLA with a ‘I hear this has the best aerodynamics as well, I’m hoping they surely do the same in my car’, my car as in the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS F1 W04 to be unveiled on the 4th of February. Not to state the obvious, but yes, he was kidding.

Next in line of the series of public quotes of mutual appreciation of each other’s skills by Hamilton and Alonso, Hamilton mentions in the video that Alonso will be the driver to look out for. He also mentions in the video that he would be working closely with Nico Rosberg to ‘try and help the car to push in one direction‘. Rosberg and Hamilton are old mates, and karting buddies and the words ‘one direction’ might just mean that there will be no No.1 driver in the new Mercedes AMG Petronas team and the team would works towards making the car work for both drivers without preferential treatment.

Hamilton’s association with Mercedes-Benz started when he was 13 and now he is a 100% under the Mercedes-Benz umbrella. Here’s to an exciting F1 season ahead!

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Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class