Abarth Grande Punto 01

Autocar India reports that Fiat might bring in a localized version of the Grande Punto to India as soon as this year. The asking price for such a performer is said to be in the 8-9 lakh region!

It is speculated that the company might use the existing 1.4 litre T-jet engine, increase power output to around 165 HP and improve handling capabilities by stiffening the chassis, swapping the springs for stiffer suspension and improved brakes.

ACI also thinks that this might be a four door version rather than the usual Abarth two doors. Expect a clearer picture in the new few months.

Source : Autocar India

There is of course, the Abarth Grande Punto based on the newer Punto with the new face. We aren’t exactly sure which one the desi Abarth Grande Punto will be based on, but honestly we hope its the older one, maybe with alloys from the newer one!

Abarth Grande Punto 03