Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, MD and Mr. K Srinivas, President - Motorcylcles, Bajaj Auto Ltd. at the launch of company's new motorcycle Discover 100T

Bajaj Auto claims the Discover 100 Tourer is the world’s most advanced 100cc motorcycle. Powered by a 4-valve DTS-i 102cc engine making 10.2 Ps of peak power, 30% more than other 100cc motorcycles, the Discover 100T manages to deliver fuel efficiency of 87 kpl.

At the launch event, Mr K Srinivas, President (Motorcycle Business) said, “For too long, the average commuter had to be satisfied with boring and undifferentiated 100cc bikes. While 100cc bikes do offer good mileage, their style, features and performance leave a lot to be desired. The steady growth of the more expensive 100cc bikes at the cost of the cheaper models is a clear evidence of this. The all new Discover 100T delivers the power of a 125cc with the economy of a 100cc to bring in the joy of riding to this segment. We call it the ‘The Ultimate 100’ as it brings unprecedented levels of power, style and features to this important segment of the market.”

On the styling front, the Discover 100T is identical to the 125ST, well almost with the exception of the rear shocks. While the 125ST features a monoshock the Discover 100T makes do with twin Nitrox suspension. Bajaj was one of the first manufacturers to adopt the strategy of giving more for less to compete with Hero Honda. A number of 125cc motorcycles offering more performance than HH’s 100cc offerings and competitive mileage didn’t do for Bajaj what was expected of them. Bajaj has realized that displacement still rules in the Indian market and anything more than 100cc will just not do for the average commuter looking to get the most of every drop of fuel.

Bajaj has now taken the plunge, gone back to offering 100cc motorcycles but with features loaded to the gills. The 10.2 PS engine ensures you can take the Discover 100T to a top speed of 100kph via the 5 speed gearbox. Electric start is standard as is DC electricals for the headlamp. This ensures flicker free lighting at all speeds. There’s also an auto choke for easy start in all weather conditions.

Bajaj has priced the Discover 100T competitively at Rs. 50,500 ( ex-showroom Delhi)