Fiat Panda Monster 02

If you weren’t convinced by the Panda 4×4 , Fiat has built for you a Monster Truck in collaboration with Mercurio Cinematografica, set designer Andrea Faini and the Fabio Gementi Workshop to highlight the off-road performance of the Panda 4×4.

Fiat borrowed a Jeep CJ7 4200 floor panel from their friends at Chrysler and fit road tractor wheels shod with “High Speed” tyres, 150 cms in diameter and 50 cm wide. The ‘bigfoot’ Panda, is 390 cms tall, 380 cm long and 250 cm wide. Fiat says this prototype was built in two weeks.

Fiat has put out a video (minus the audio) of the Panda Monster Truck that can be found on YouTube. Come 2013 and we should probably see this video on television as a full blown ad telling the story of four friends who set off for a weekend in the mountains. The Panda 4×4 will be the star as you would expect and will be shown transforming into a Monster Truck to climb up to the hostel.

Fiat Panda Monster 04
Fiat Panda Monster 03
Fiat Panda Monster 01