New Ford Fiesta Sedan face lift unveiled at São Paulo Auto Show

Ford is offering its ‘Active City Stop’ technology for the new Ford Fiesta which has auto enthusiasts opinion largely divided over the face lift. Ford’s Active City Stop was introduced on the Ford Focus and has been awarded a Euro NCAP Advanced in 2011. The technology uses a sophisticated light-detecting and ranging sensor to scan the road ahead 50 times per second, or to put it in perspective, 15 images captured in the blink of an eye. The technology prevents collisions at speeds up to 10mph, and helps reduce the severity of impacts at speeds below 20mph.

Active City Stop constantly monitors the gap to the vehicles up front, calculates the risk of hitting a stationary or slow-moving object and pre-charges the new Fiesta’s brake system to deliver maximum braking response. In the event that the driver does not brake or steer out of the way of the hazard, the system simultaneously applies the brakes, reduces engine torque, and activates the rear hazard lights.

“Active City Stop is designed to offer additional security for Ford drivers and fellow road users,” said Florian Schweter, new Fiesta Active City Stop development engineer, Ford of Europe. “Automatic application of the brakes is a last-ditch response and the system is carefully designed to minimise the potential for inappropriate application. We hope our customers will never need this feature but we believe it gives city drivers in particular peace of mind to know it is there.”

Ford Insure, Ford’s motor insurance division also offers a 15% discount on premiums for vehicles equipped with Active City Stop. Considering Ford has been bringing in active safety features to the Fiesta in India without being choosy, we expect the new Fiestas in India to get this technology as well. OF course, it remains to be seen when the face lifted Fiesta will reach our shores.