Renault Classic Website Launch

Renault’s collection features more than 740 vehicles, archives including documents and event information and more than 3,200 miniature-scale models and toys, 1,900 posters, miscellaneous items and some 270 one-fifth scale mock-ups. This living collection is kept, maintained and managed by Renault Classic which frequently releases vehicles for various events including the World Series by Renault, Le Mans Classic, the Goodwood Festival of Speed. More than five million people were given a chance to admire vehicles from the Renault Collection from close quarters at the 200 operations organised by Renault Classic in 2011.

Renault Classic also enjoys close association with more than 2,550 registered collectors and 305 clubs, the Renault sales network, and media, historians and writers. More than 200 special operations are organised every year and more than 500 vehicles are displayed at different events each year. More than 5,000,000 people get a chance to admire Renault Classic vehicles every year.

The website will allow clubs, collectors and Renault and Alpine enthusiaststo communicate together and also allow them to access a realm of useful information, not only about Renault Classic but also about the Renault and Alpine fans community.

Contents will also feature a presentation of Renault Classic, including a calendar of the events in which it plans to take part, plus an introduction to Renault’s own collection of vehicles.

Meanwhile, clubs will be able to register and publish their own news, dates and pictures.

Another section of the website will be given over to the availability of downloadable documents, such as authenticity document requests or entry forms to take part in special events.