Mclaren Teaser Paris Motor Show 01

Nothing like a good measure of creativity in a teaser! McLaren’s P12 or whatever it will be called, McLaren’s next flagship and successor to the legendary McLaren F1 will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show on September 27. Current rumours indicate that the P12 has already been unveiled to select group of people at a private event in Pebble Beach. The P12 is said to be powered by the MP4-12C’s 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8, but churning out an earth shattering 800 bhp which coupled with the KERS system will add another 200 bhp to the mix.

Mclaren Teaser Paris Motor Show

The P12 will not be a 3-seater like the F1, but a two seater. A wider carbon fibre monocoque than found in the MP4-12C will be used. The design is said to be spectacular.

This will be McLaren’s first participation in the Paris Motor Show, and what a debut this will be!