Created by the Leo Burnett agency and directed by the director Thierry Poiraud, the video is the first of a series of multi-subject commercials the wills viewers to find out more about the 500L. That is because, as the claim goes, “With the 500L, growing up is cool“. The video is produced by the production company Movie Magic and accompanied by the cover of the Beatles’ “All Together Now” by Red Rose.

The tagline here is “City Lounge: with the 500L growing up is cool”. The luggage compartment, boasts a capacity of 400 litres, which means being able to transport up to five roller suitcases. The customer can easily transport stuff up to 2.4 metres long by folding the front passenger seat and only one rear seat forward. Two petrol (105 HP 0.9 TwinAir and 95 HP 1.4-litre) engines and one turbodiesel (85 HP 1.3 MultiJet 2) engine are available at launch.

The Fiat 500L also gets the 5″ touchscreen of the 500L UConnect multimedia system, one of the largest of its class, that lets you manage all the major media content of the car such as radio, mobile phone, Media Player, iPod or smartphone, all wireless.

An open house to be held in Fiat dealerships in Italy on the September 22nd and 23rd will be the public’s first interaction with the 500L.