If you believe what Autocar India.com is saying then the answer to that question is yes.  And there is no reason to doubt the veracity of the claims of Autocar India.com which is a respected publication with established credentials.  Autocar India.com says that the sales of the Civic sedan have fallen drastically in India, making it unviable to continue with the product here. Autocar India.com says that there are a few more CKD kits of the car left and once they are assembled and sold off, the model will cease to exist in the Indian market.

The Civic that sells in India was a smashing looking car that set all kinds of bench marks. It turned out to be such a great car that even Honda have found it impossible to better its appeal with the next generation which has received a lukewarm reception in the markets that it has been launched.  The existing Civic has not aged at all but its sales have taken a nose dive due to the lack of a diesel alternative in the face of rising petrol prices.  All its competitors such as the Toyota Corolla Altis, the Skoda Laura and the Volkswagen Jetta have diesel engines in their arsenal and that is what has made people move away from the Civic it seems.

At Riot Engine we believe that the withdrawal of the Civic will be only for a limited period and it is well known that Honda is working on clean diesel engines for India as well after initially having vowed to stay away from the oil burners and hedging their bets on hybrids. Hybrids have proved to be expensive to make and have therefore found no takers in developing markets like India and Europe has slowly shifted to a preference for diesel given the fact that the calorific efficiency of the fuel is much better than petrol.  Honda has therefore been made to eat humble pie; but we know that the company is all about guts for glory and therefore will make a comeback with diesel engines in its armoury and then perhaps a newer generation of Civic will enter the Indian market.