The Kawasaki Ninja 250 R is a success story for the company and it did not wish to tamper too much with a product that was so successful.  This has meant that for many, many years the only things that changed on the motorcycle were colours and the patterns in which they were painted.  While Asia and Europe did get the fuel injected engine model the carburetted version has been soldiering on in the USA.

01 Kawasaiki Ninja 250r

Now IBN live has brought pictures of the for 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250 R which will make its debut in Japan.  IBN live has also posted pictures which it claims are from the manufacturer.  When see in the pictures the new Ninja 250 R looks like a scaled down version of the edgy looking Ninja ZX-10 R.  The new 250 R now features a face that is very similar to the bigger ZX-10 R and has vertical slits in the fairing to channel air on to the engine.  Turn indicators which are now of the clear lens variety sit on the edges of the front fairing.  The antiquated dashboard console has been replaced by a more modern looking one and features a speedometer that reads out the speed in digits while the tachometer will continue to have a needle pointing at the number of revs that the engine is making.  The rear of the motorcycle is also now more sculpted with edges and wedges in place.  IBN live says that the engine also has been uprated with newer alloys and materials for the cylinders and camshafts.

02 Kawasaiki Ninja 250r

According to IBN live the Kawasaki 250 R will cost the equivalent of INR 2.34 lakhs when it debuts in Japan.  Torque and horsepower outputs have not been specified as yet.  One also does not know if and when this motorcycle will debut in the Indian market.  Kawasaki has set up an entity called India Kawasaki Motors Ltd., but this entity’s office address, or website or any information is not available.  Everything points to the Bajaj Auto website.  Bajaj has been concentrating on making lower capacity KTM products for the world market and what were previously Bajaj Probiking showrooms have now been re-branded as KTM showrooms throwing open speculation about the nature of relationship between Kawasaki and Bajaj.  It is now well known that Bajaj has a 47+% equity stake in KTM and is therefore more interested in that company.  Thus far there is not much news of the new Kawasaki Ninja 650 (there is no R suffixed in the new model anymore and not 650R as being reported by the Indian automotive press) which has debuted globally elsewhere.

04 Kawasaiki Ninja 250r

Immediately after the Auto Expo 2012 Riot Engine had written an article about the absence of Kawasaki at the Expo and the following months have done little to bring some focus on to the brand and its plans for India.  Given the scenario we are not even sure if India will even get to see the new model Ninja 250 R India.  Even if it does, rest assured that is a loooooooooooooooong way away.

03 Kawasaiki Ninja 250r