Business Standard is carrying an incredible story that the Mini Xylo which Mahindra has been testing and testing and testing and testing (sorry no more) is actually going to be launched with a light weight all aluminium three cylinder diesel engine of 1.5 L capacity and will feature not one but two turbo chargers.  BSM does say that it is not sure if this is actually two turbo chargers or a twin scroll turbo charger and claims that there is evidence that Mahindra had invested in the latter for some time now and could be developing that technology for the XUV 500’s engine as well.

BSM citing a leaked brochure material says that the engine will weigh on 185 kg and will be using a built to a cost fuel injection system from Bosch and will be BSV compliant at the time of launch with just a few tweaks making it possible to meet future BSVI norms with ease as well.  The power is rated at 100 PS and torque at 23 Kgm.  The small SUV will feature a five speed transmission.

Picture courtesy: Vikatan and Business Standard

Mini Xylo