The Hyundai Accent was the first sedan that the Korean Chaebol introduced in India immediately after the introduction of the Santro.  While the Santro has seen a few makeovers the Hyundai Accent has continued in almost its original form after missing some of the updates that were carried out on it in other markets.  It was selling so strongly that Hyundai decided to not tamper with it (except that it did introduce the Viva hatchback which for reasons best known to Hyundai was called a notchback).  The next generation of the Accent was introduced as the Verna and both models sold side by side sometimes the older Accent’s sales outstripping those of the newer Verna.  Hyundai to promote the sales of the newer model (the Verna) discontinued the diesel engine version of the Accent and in fact started selling it only with a petrol engine in one trim but still the car refused to go away.  Meanwhile the Verna (which was the replacement of the Accent) was replaced by the next generation fluidic Verna (sold in some markets as the latest Accent) but reasonably good sales of over thousand a month continued with the old Accent.  However in the last one year sales have been dipping and with petrol prices rising and more contemporary models coming in from Hyundai itself not to talk of other manufacturers.  In the month of July, 2012  the Accent sold its lowest ever 182 units and so presumably the writing is clearly on the wall for the old and trusted war horse.  After all nothing lasts forever, not just Cold November Rain, even the Hyundai Accent.  But who knows if it still has a trick up its sleeve?  We wouldn’t bet against it.