There are unconfirmed reports that Garware Motors will be launching the Hyosung 250 GT in the first week of June, 2012.  For sometime now there has been talk of the launch of the said model both in its naked and fully faired forms.  The 25o cc motorcycle features a V twin engine that is supposed to put out about 27 PS of power but that is yet to be confirmed.  Hyosung’s 250 will be the only second 25o cc motorcycle to feature two cylinders, the other being the Kawasaki Ninja 250R which is a parallel twin that pumps out 33 PS, significantly more than the Hyosung GT 250’s quoted power.  But the motorcycle is also priced in the stratosphere and that has impacted negatively on the Kawasaki’s sale.  And now Bajaj owning nearly half of KTM and rolling out KTM products, its focus is not so much on selling Kawasakis and this could be the opportunity for Garware-Hyosung to capitalize on.  The success of the GT 250 will depend on how sensibly the motorcycle is priced, since the Honda CBR 250R is priced reasonably albeit featuring one cylinder less.  But the power output is very similar to the Hyosung’s.  Pricing is what will determine if Hyosung has a long term future or not.