Citing an interview that Rajiv Bajaj had with Money Control, some auto magazines have started speculating that Bajaj will launch an all new motorcycle and that what this motorcycle will be is a mystery.  Knowing Mr. Bajaj’s penchant for giving interviews where he says things that are deliberately vague, we are taking this bit of news with a couple of jars of salt.  It could be that the new bike is the Pulsar 200 NS which will be launched in the market in June or it could also be that the new Discover scooped by Autocar India is the motorcycle in question.  Some of the more intrepid journalists have even been saying that this could be the new Boxer 100 which sells in the overseas markets and that Bajaj could be bringing this back to garner sales volumes since as yet the Boxer 150 has not found too many takers.  We would discount the last theory completely (at least for now) since the Boxer 100 that Bajaj makes is for African markets and does not meet the emission norms of India.  We strongly suspect that it is going to be the Pulsar 200 NS being introduced for sale rather than the new Discover.