In January 2012, the Renault Mégane family which was powered also by the dCi 110 engine got the Energy dCi 110 powerplant. This engine makes 20Nm more torque and as icing on the cake also reports a 12 % increase in fuel efficiency.

Here’s what else you would have got with the new Energy dCi 110

  • Stop & Start Tech that would have driven the fuel efficiency upto atleast around 26 kpl ( claimed of course)
  • ESM braking/deceleration energy recovery
  • EGR low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation
  • DLC-coated (Diamond Like Carbon) cam followers ( Renault says that’s Formula 1 tech)
  • ANI fuel injection nozzles (with individualised spray cone angle)
This is NOT the engine you get with the slightly more powerful Fluence launched yesterday.