Marussia F1 Car Of 2012For the last two years this team was called the Virgin F1 racing team.  It experimented with CFD alone and eschewed the use of wind tunnels that were expensive.  It was believed that this was the best way to cut costs in Formula1.  Nick Wirth and his Wirth Research were shown the door last year and Marussia the super car maker from Russia who was till then the title sponsor took over the team from this year on and rebranded it the Marussia F1 Team.  Along with it they also signed up with McLaren for some help and they seem to have found that since Marussia is the only team other than McLaren to stay away from the ghastly looking stepped nose.  The thing is that the car was unveiled without it passing all the tests at Barcelona and since this year’s rules state that unless the car has passed all tests it cannot run in a test, it could not be tested at Barcelona.  But the good thing is that it has now passed the tests and therefore you can expect to see at the first GP of the season at Melbourne. It means that while all teams are racing, Marussia and HRT will be using the GP as a venue for testing.  That is not so great, right?

For those with some interest in how the Marussia road cars look here are the B1 and B2 super cars from the Russian manufacturer.

Marussia B1 A Russian Super Car 1Marussia B2