Craig Pollock is the maverick and ultra ambitious ex manager of Jacques Villeneuve who tried building the BAR team around the French Canadian driver with great failure.  But since he is a man with business acumen he has taken up the task of making Formula1 engines by the time the new engine regulations kick in, in a couple of years.  He has called his venture PURE and this company though located now in France, will use the Toyota F1 teams Cologne facilities in Germany to test his new V6 engines which he is sure will find takers.  His logic is that Toyota’s Cologne facilities are the best in the world to test an F1 engine on the bed and has therefore tied up with them to use the facility even though the company will continue to operate out of France.  This is interesting since Cosworth Engineering which has a proven record started supplying engines to four teams two years ago but are now down to two with Caterham and Williams having abandoned them for Renault engines.  So under the circumstances it will be interesting to see how the PURE engines will be received by Formula1 teams.  Pollock is no idiot, he must have a strong plan in place to have drawn investors to put their money into the venture.  Already the grapevine suggests that if PURE engines turn out to be good, McLaren could use them by branding them as McLaren engines.  Another rumour suggests that team Renault which has become Lotus this year could also pursue the strategy of calling PURE engines Lotus engines.  Danny Bahar is an ambitious man so one never knows with Lotus.